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External Washes
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Internal Washes
Internal Washes
Frequently asked questions and answers concerning external washes
Frequently asked questions and answers concerning internal cleaning
Do you use a water blaster?
  No, we use garden hoses at town water pressure rate.
How much water do you use?
- For a medium size timber home- between 350-450L water.
- For a Qlder/ colonial large home- between 650-850L water.
- On a lowest brick with pergola- between 250-350L water.
Do the Windows Leak?
  Some older places/ homes do- we are very careful when cleaning these areas.
When washing the external are the windows included?
  The windows are washed over and rinsed clean, polishing is an additional service.
Are the steps, patio and awnings included on an external wash?
  Yes, they are apart of the external.
Will the wash hurt my garden, plants or outside furnishings?
  Only maiden hair ferns and soft plants such as African Violets are affected, but if you are concerned, then the items should be moved prior to cleaning.
When you wash the walls do you include the windows?
  Yes, they are apart of the walls.
Are the screens included when you clean windows and what about the tracks?
  No. they are both an additional job and a price can be given individually for them.
If the house is occupied; do you move the furniture to clean behind or underneath?
  Not all. Any easily moved furniture or light items such as beds on rollers are moved and then repositioned.
Can you remove the bleached spots/areas from my carpets?
  No, they are permanent.
How soon can I walk on my carpets?
  Allow two hours on a fine day to air and dry completely.
Can you remove smoke and nicotine from my ceilings?
  In most cases, except where the surface is stained.
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